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Posted by admin on August 6, 2021

Don’t waste your money!

Don’t waste your money! 3 reasons to use the services of a real estate agency

Because it’s worth it! Don’t waste your health, time, nerves and money, unless you are able to determine a price that matches the area where the property is located. Not to mention documentation and compliance with all the latest regulations. But even if you have this covered, consider that you will not necessarily find a client quickly, right? And if you have a full-time job, will there be time in your busy schedule for meetings with potential buyers (i.e. those who may or may not buy?).

You see… a real estate agency does it all for you. And even more. Because the best ones will help you increase the value of your property (design, visualisation, renovation) or make it more attractive (home staging, photo session) for potential buyers. So, what do you think? Maybe it’s a good idea to analyse a real estate agency’s offer?

1. Knowledge

The sale of real estate is one of the most serious transactions you will make in your life. Let’s be honest – you cannot afford to lose that hard-earned money invested in real estate. And that is normal. Every sane person thinks so. That is why having access to knowledge is so important in this industry. And quality knowledge and information directly affects the success of a transaction.

You probably don’t have time to spend, do you? That’s right. So there is little chance you will catch up on your real estate education, knowledge about the impact of numerous additional factors, and, on top of that, become adept at negotiating.

That is why a professional agent is an ace up your sleeve. Just like in a poker game.

Then what parameters are we talking about? What kind of expertise is this?

  • Understanding the real value of the property (including identifying its weak points -> impact on price),
  • Knowledge of the nature of similar transactions made in the area,
  • Knowledge of the procedures and regulations governing your sale/purchase,
  • Keen understanding of the condition of the real estate market; demand, the impact of unemployment on the cost of purchase/sale and rental; the average value of transactions carried out in the last period, the average price per 1 sqm…and so on…quite a few factors, right?
  • Yes, this topic is not outdated. A list of valuable contacts is still a powerful tool in business. You may find that your realtor or real estate agency can find or sell a property quickly. “Because someone needed it”, “Because our client had it”. Quickly and efficiently, and you have the cash.

Of course, you can go on claiming that you have a knack, an intuition, a flair for business. But let’s not fool ourselves. A good realtor or real estate agency is like life insurance. You don’t use it until you get burned, and then you regret not thinking about it earlier. Thanks to a realtor, you build confidence in your business (if you are going to do several transactions) or security in buying/selling your own flat.

If your source of income is real estate trade and investing in flats, then you should know about all the above elements. After all, it’s your business. But nevertheless, you won’t regret working with a real estate agency. Why? Read on…

2. What matters most in life is time. Your time.

While we’re at it, let’s establish the facts. Selling/buying a property involves a series of meetings. And most of those meetings will be unproductive. That’s just the way it is. Lots of phone calls from seemingly interested clients…you answer each one with the same enthusiasm until eventually you lose patience. And then the meetings look like this:

Why am I even meeting them…after all, they will never buy this flat, it is too expensive for them…

You will avoid such situations if you set a champion in charge of your sale. He or she will filter, sift through and select only those who are seriously interested in what you are offering (or what you want to buy). A professional knows what questions will eliminate time-wasters. But he will also act like a defensive wall against unreliable offers.

You benefit because you can spend this saved time at work or with your family.

3. The financial aspect

You earn. You do not lose. Win-win.


A realtor has the practical knowledge and experience in professional negotiations in the real estate industry. He knows what to do to get the effect. To make the seller understand that he has to lower the price. The same applies to selling. Your professional realtor knows the real value of the property, so he won’t be led astray by the tricks of a potential client. He secures your profit.

He is a buffer between you and your client. He cools down emotions. And emotions in business are not the best advisor.

Also, if you are buying a property, you probably need to finance it, right? Here is a good tip for that.

Your real estate agency or realtor has established business relationships with financial institutions. So, when they offer you services related to selling real estate, they can also offer financing. The result is simple – you get a great deal. The realtor also wants you to succeed in your sale/purchase.

This is especially important when you invest in real estate. If possible, you handle everything in one place. You do not go from office to office.

Nowadays we like to say: it’s a comprehensive service.

You can look for other reasons. But the ones listed above are the most important for you. So, if you don’t want to lose out on such an important transaction and you are looking for a real estate agency in Wrocław, just click here and choose Home Brand.

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