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Posted by admin on August 6, 2021

How to choose the right plot of land so that you do not regret it later

So you have decided to take a brave step and build a house. The fundamental question is – how to choose a plot of land for the construction?

Since this is going to be your dream home, you will definitely want to make sure that the land meets your expectations, right? What should you take into consideration? What will immediately disqualify a potential property?

Today’s issue of the ‘Home Brand Bulletin’ will focus on this topic.


  • Location and natural topography
  • Local area development plan or zoning approval
  • Price
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Surroundings

When you are looking for a plot of land, you probably already know in which region/city/district you would like to live. Usually we have a preconceived vision of our future investment. Therefore, once you have roughly defined what you want, you can start looking for such land on your own, browsing hundreds of real estate websites. There is a chance that you will find what meets your expectations.

However, at Home Brand you do not have to worry about that. We have our own land for sale, and if our offer does not suit you, we will do the search work for you. But if you want to do it yourself, here is a brief summary of the factors you need to consider.


Let’s assume that you have found potential land. It is good practice to start your analysis by looking at the plot, talking to the owner and getting the land register number for the property to compare the land’s actual legal status with what the seller says. This will protect you from potential problems if it turns out that there is another co-owner, which you might not have known about.

But the land assessment does not end there. You have to remember to check with the local authority what the local area development plan is and whether there is a zoning approval in place, which may specify what can and cannot be located on your plot (and how it may look). This will also allow you to predict what may appear in the neighbourhood (e.g. another new housing estate called ‘green poplar’, ‘yellow magnolia’ or some other Japanese plant).

And one more tip from us. If you are looking for a really good location, take sun exposure into account. Who knows – maybe you will be able to assemble a renewable energy installation on your house, which will save you thousands of zlotys over the next few years?

Also, do not forget to check the condition of the land. The current topography of a building plot may have been influenced by what had been done on it earlier. By carrying out an expert examination you can establish how stable the ground is, whether it is merely covered with soil and has only rubble beneath the surface. Or, worse still, if it was previously a dumping ground. A professional assessment will protect you from unpleasant surprises during the foundation and construction stage.

Even if the land’s condition is satisfactory and it’s location is convenient, do not forget that you need adequate infrastructure nearby. Are there shops, kindergartens, pharmacies, nurseries available in the neighbourhood? Although such elements may seem insignificant at first, they can create difficulties later on. Imagine that the nearest school is an hour away from home. What if you are unable to drive your children to school on your own? Or how late they will be coming home after class? To avoid such difficulties, make sure to learn about the above elements.

Make your life more pleasant and choose a building plot that is located in a nice neighbourhood. Do you want your neighbour to be close enough to see how many coffee beans you put in the grinder every day? Do you want the rays of the setting sun to be cut off by the shadow of a nearby building or trees? To maximise your enjoyment of your dream home, make sure that your surroundings are not an obstacle.

But assume that all the above factors meet your expectations. You are fairly interested in the offer. What next? One of the most important parts of the land buying process is negotiating the price. Is the price of the land you are considering within your budget? Remember that getting a loan for a property (in this case a plot of land) is a time-consuming process, so it may be better to buy a smaller plot but with cash. This will also allow you to negotiate the price with the seller, as they will not have to wait long for your mortgage payment.

Speaking of price, bear in mind that if the plot has no utilities, you will need to make sure that you have sufficient funds to make the necessary water, gas and electricity connections. Also, you need to check the plot’s access to a public road. This last factor can really bring sleepless nights. If it turns out that there is no direct access to a public road (the so-called “exit”), then pursuant to the right-of-way regulations, you have to build such an access at your own expense.


If you have made it through our brief guide – congratulations! We are aware that there are many factors to consider. That is why we meet the needs of our clients by providing a comprehensive service in the process of selecting and purchasing a plot of land.

Typically, we talk to you to establish criteria for finding land for your dream home, and then we search until we find land you want to settle on.

We will help you to check the status of your plot. We will complete the required documentation, and if any work is needed on your plot, we will put you in touch with the best professionals.

It will be faster, safer and more professional. And you will live in the house of your dreams.

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