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Posted by Damian Pedrycz on June 24, 2021

How to rent a flat safely and without making mistakes?

If you are our reader, you may have already become a happy flat owner. You have followed all the advice of Home Brand specialists and bought a flat for rent at a good price. You even found a professional to carry out the full home staging of your property. You are halfway there. Now the “only” thing you have to do is find tenants who will pay the rent so you can make money.

The essence of passive income from flat rentals is to properly protect yourself from potential difficulties and negligence. Here is a simple checklist to help you prepare for a safe flat rental.

Flat rental: Agreement

Renting a flat is too serious a transaction to neglect its legal protection. So make it a priority. Include in your agreement all the necessary personal and contact details, bank account number and rent and deposit amounts.

The document for renting a flat can be a simple tenancy agreement, which specifies who is the landlord and who is the tenant. It also sets out the duration of the tenancy. This is the easiest way to get started with renting.

If you need extra security, you can use the new legal tool introduced on 17/12/2009 – occasional lease.

What is an occasional lease?

This is a special type of tenancy agreement in which you, as the landlord, do not provide the tenant with alternative accommodation in the event of termination of the agreement. The tenant must specify in the agreement that they have a permanent place of residence.

Is this not disadvantageous for the tenant? It is certainly safe for the landlord. And if the tenant is honest and pays the rent regularly, as agreed, they can be sure that the tenancy agreement will not suddenly be terminated.


Delivery and acceptance report vs. flat rental

This is another element that provides additional security and protects against possible problems that may arise during the rental of a flat. This report is not obligatory. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to draw it up.

It protects the landlord’s property and, in a broader sense, determines the condition of the flat before the tenancy period begins. In this way, in the event of damage, both parties can quickly come to an agreement to repair it.

If you draw up a delivery and acceptance report, remember to:

  • Identify the parties who are signing it;
  • Specify what it concerns (what kind of premises, the equipment and furnishings in the premises and their condition);
  • Specify the number of sets of keys you hand over to the tenant;
  • Record gas and water meters readings;

Write the date on which the report was drawn up;


Flat rental: Selection and verification of tenants

The mood of finalising the long process of searching for, buying and renting your flat makes you want to find tenants as quickly as possible. Remember: Haste will cause you additional problems.

Take enough time to analyse which tenant would be a suitable candidate. After all, renting a flat means putting your several hundred thousand zlotys into the hands of a stranger. Since you are careful with less valuable items, you need to be even more careful now.

Take time to talk to a potential tenant. Ask him or her questions. Their answers will show you if they are sincere, honest, trustworthy and responsible.

What questions to ask?

  • About the main reason for renting (this is to check whether they have any debts from previous rentals);
  • About the place of employment and main source of income;
  • About the duration of the planned rental;
  • About the number of people who will live in the flat;
  • About smoking habits (if you are a smoking landlord, you can “test” a potential tenant by offering them a cigarette…);
  • About whether they plan to make changes in the decoration of the flat;
  • About whether they have pets;
  • About the possibility of signing an occasional lease agreement (which provides a certain security for you);


If the prospective tenant is honest, they will not avoid answering these questions, and you can be sure you are renting the flat to a responsible person. And above all, you will know that a fixed amount will be paid to your bank account each month.

If you have any questions regarding renting your flat, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you dispel any doubts.

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